While any lead provider can bring you potential clients, the best ones go beyond that, it’s crucial to select a partner that aligns with your specific needs and goals.

Here’s the Top 10 questions to ask deciding on a partner who truly boosts your business:

1. Target Audience and Industry Expertise:

Do they have experience generating leads in your specific industry? Understanding your niche market and its challenges is essential for effective targeting.

How do they identify and target your ideal customer profile?

2. Lead Generation Strategies and Tactics:

What specific lead generation tactics do they use (e.g., content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing)?

3. Lead Quality and Qualification Process:

How do they define and qualify a lead? Do their leads align with your definition of a qualified prospect?

What types of advice enquiries are chargeable, do they seek to identify enquiries that do not justify an advice fee & strip them out?

4. Reporting and Analytics:

Do they gather MI? If so what do they do with the information?

5. Pricing:

What is their pricing model (e.g.pay per lead)? Ensure it aligns with your budget and risk tolerance.

6. Technology and Tools:

What marketing automation or lead generation tools do they use?

Do their tools integrate with your existing CRM or marketing automation platform?

7. Communication and Client Service:

How will you communicate with the team on an ongoing basis?

What level of support and account management do they offer?

8. Contract Terms and Termination:

What is the notice period applied to the agreement? This can vary dramatically between providers & you could end up being tied to a long agreement for a service not working for you.

9. References and Case Studies:

Can they provide references from past clients in your industry? Do they have case studies showcasing success stories?

10. Client Onboarding and Training:

Can they provide references from past clients in your industry? Do they have case studies showcasing success stories?

How will they onboard you and familiarize you with their processes? Do they offer any training on their tools or reporting platform?

By asking these questions and thoroughly evaluating potential B2B lead generation providers, you can make an informed decision and choose the partner best equipped to deliver qualified leads and drive sales growth for your business.

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